print of the Harborfields waterfront done by noted artist Earle Barlow

Our History

The property was purchased in 1832 by current manager Wendy Thorpe Allen's triple-great-grandfather, Charles Thorpe. The family lived in the existing 1780 house and used the property to graze sheep and cattle, and as a base for a fishing operation. A new house was built in 1870 by Wendy's great-great-grandfather William Thorpe, in anticipation of the birth of Lewis Thorpe, Wendy's great-grandfather.

The Harborfields business began in 1948 following the construction of the Lodge and the Shore Cottage by Wendy's grand-parents, Dick and Peggy Thorpe. With these additions, the original 1780 house was rented out for the season, and individual rooms were rented in the Lodge. Peggy Thorpe served breakfast in the main 1870 house for the convenience of the Lodge guests. The success of this small operation inspired the construction of the Hillside cottage the following year (1949). Deck, Rock, Terrace, and Wharf cottages were added in succeeding years (1950 through 1953). The Pine cottage was the last, built in 1957. Harborfields was incorporated as a Maine business corporation in 1961.

Several excerpts from Dick Thorpe's original 1948 Harborfields Journal are published in the 2002 Harborfields Herald newsletter. The evolution of the Harborfields business is revealed through our archive of historic postcards and brochures.

Watercolor paintings by Dick Thorpe grace the walls in the cottages, Lodge, and 1780 House. These landscapes and seascapes were painted with a great love of the area.

Since Peg Thorpe's passing in 1984, Harborfields has had several managers who ran the business on behalf of the Thorpe family, with Barbara and Rick Prose serving in that capacity from 1999 to 2011. A new era began in 2012, however, with Dick and Peggy Thorpe's granddaughter Wendy Thorpe Allen together with her husband Tim taking on responsibility for the business. (For more on that transition, see the 2011 Harborfields Herald.) Also part of the Harborfields family are Wendy's father, Rick Thorpe and his wife Patricia, and Tim and Wendy's son, Bennett, along with our dog, Tahoe, and cat, Scamper. (For those not counting, Bennett represents the seventh generation of the Thorpe family on this property!)

We extend a warm invitation to spend your vacation time in Maine with us, and enjoy the many activities to be found both right here at Harborfields and in the Boothbay region, while relaxing in friendly informality and discovering what our guests have been discovering for more than 65 years - the way life can be!

Tim, Bennett, and Wendy Thorpe Allen
Patricia and Rick Thorpe

Wendy's Pottery
Tim's Science

Peg and Dick Thorpe at Harborfields

Dick Thorpe rowing young Ricky around the harbor

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This Business Serves Everyone

We are licensed by the State of Maine as a lodging establishment (ID #2461).
Our lodging license and tax certificate are available for inspection at the Harborfields office.

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