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Well, another season has come and gone, leaving us all a little older and wiser. Or wizened.. If I sound a bit cantankerous, curmudgeonly or crotchety, it might be due to the fact that this will be the first newsletter I've had to write while wearing spectacles, something I guess I can anticipate doing every year from now on, unless I bite the bullet and purchase one of those nice 56" plasma screen computer monitors and mount it on the wall. I read somewhere recently that by the time I reach 80 years of age, average life expectancy will have improved to the point that I can expect to live 40 years beyond that! Gosh, I can't wait to be wheeled to the Rolling Stones' 100th anniversary concert!

Another Wonderful Year

This year's Harborfields Herald may well be the shortest since its inception in 1999, due to the fact that there are no big changes anticipated in the near-future. Our guests continue to impress us with their intelligence, wit and taste in coastal Maine resorts, and we continue to try and improve the property in small ways that add to your comfort without changing the essential character of the place. Toward that end, in the coming season we will be responding to a recent nasty letter we received from the Maine Chiropractic Association, and replacing all the box springs in cottages in which new ones haven't been placed already. We will also continue upgrading plumbing and electrical systems as necessary, in addition to replacing the older cottage and deck furniture.

Fish Stories

The past couple of years haven't seen as many big stripers landed at the dock as in the past, but, of the few that were caught this season, the first belonged to young angler Noah Pereira, of Rochester, NY. Most of the rest were hooked by Paul George of Cincinnati, many of which he handed off to other luckless fishermen, who usually failed to land the beasts after Paul had done the work of getting them on the hook. One particularly embarrassing incident, which we've promised not to discuss publicly, involved Paul's brother-in-law, Jeff Stampfer, who may give up fishing altogether as a result. Kevin Terry was awarded this year's prize for lowest ratio of fish caught to time spent standing on the dock squinting into the sun. Which didn't seem to diminish Kevin's good spirits, most of the guests looking forward to descending the ramp to the dock and being met by his usual hearty greeting, "Welcome to this location!"

Safety First!

Just a brief reminder to guests that all Harborfields equipment other than that supplied in cottages and the laundry shed, is off-limits to guests for reasons of safety and liability. Toward that end, we ask that guests refrain from -- borrowing the riding mower to run into town; using a push mower to slice watermelon; allowing young children to gather acorns with the weed- whacker; attempting to jump the cove, a la Evel Knieval, in the golf cart, etc...

That's All, Folks

As those of you know who've been through the routine before, we will begin taking reservations for returning guests on December 1st, and we look forward to hearing from each and every one of you.

Until we meet again next year, Barbara, Sophia, Celeste and I want to wish you all a happy, healthy holiday season, a wonderful winter and a satisfying, scintillating and spritely spring!

The Prose family
December 2005

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