Harborfields Herald 2006

As the past summer season was a modestly successful one, without an undue number of calamitous events, this year's Herald will concern itself only with the salient details and will attempt to be a model of brevity, which, in addition to its recommendation as "the soul of wit," is a goal toward which -- goodness knows -- any writer who considers himself worthy of the title should consistently strive, though the normal workings of human intercourse conspire to drag his plume across the page in one long digressive prolix tangent after another, all of which, in the end, can generally, and much more humbly, be synopsized by the inarticulate gravedigger as he bends his back to the task at hand and groans , as the first spadeful of earth strikes the deceased's recently-acquired wooden outer shell, "People!"

(Author's note: if your children, on a school paper, turn in a sentence such as the above, they will be told by 25-year-old English teachers throughout the land that it is a "run-on" sentence. To Herman Melville, the sentence would no only not seem overlong, it wouldn't be a paragraph unto itself. I'm not sure what the point of all this is, I suggest you ask Herman Melville.)

No, But, Really...

It truly was a rather uneventful summer. We did have a 26-foot boat that sank at the dock, but that mess was cleaned up within hours and the boat was running again by the following day, thanks in large part to the efforts of long-time guest Paul George. It's true that Paul was one of the last people seen anywhere near the boat before it went to the bottom, but after an extensive investigation, it has been determined that Mr. George probably didn't have much to do with the sinking.

It was an extremely wet year, and visitors to Harborfields found themselves walking on spongy ground in places where the ground had hardly been notice heretofore. All I can say is, you are all now back in your year-round homes, with whatever weather conditions Mother Nature sees fit to deliver, but, here, in good old West Boothbay Harbor, Maine, we've had two straight months of double the average rainfall (on top of the wet ground left over from the summer), so, if you think there was mud around here in July, you ain't seen nothin'!

In reviewing the comprehensive 10-year plan, however, many of you will be delighted to note that the future just may hold a multi-level parking facility located on the lawn at the entrance to the grounds, with hovercar service to the cottages. Stay tuned for any late-breaking developments!

Make Those Reservations

Yes, December 1st is rapidly approaching, and we would like to encourage our returning guests to get their reservation requests in as early as possible.

On a related note, the best advertising we have is word-of-mouth, so if you have friends or relatives who may be interested in staying with us, please put them in touch with us by phone, or via email, and we will try our best to accommodate them according to their schedules. While we try to stick as closely as possible to the "first come, first served" model for guests making reservations after January 1st, we will always try a little harder to fit in a new guest who comes recommended by one of regular guests.

Website Redesign

The Harborfields website -- www.harborfields.com -- is undergoing a few changes, and we hope that you will log on to the site and let us know what you think. One feature we are excited about is the greater number of pictures detailing the layout and amenities in each cottage, which we feel will be helpful in giving new guests an idea of just what we mean when we tell them that we are a "rustic Maine cottage resort, based on the 1950s model."

Dearly Departed

Harborfields experienced the loss of two long-time guests during the last year, when Eunice George and Yolande Mayne passed away. Despite the rather jocular tone of the rest of this newsletter (which is Rick's fault), we are sincere when we offer our condolences to their families, and when we say that they will be missed as members of the Harborfields family, as well.

Happy Holidays

In closing, we want to wish every one of you a very happy and joyous holiday season, and we look forward to seeing you all again in the coming summer season. In the meantime, if any of you need mud...

All the best,

Rick , Barbara, Sophia and Celeste
December 2006

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