The Harborfields Herald 2010

I know we're all busy during this mad rush up to Christmas, so this year's Harborfields Herald will be brief and to the point, something I'm sure we can all appreciate!

In the "you give a little, you get a little", department, I think most folks would agree that this summer's weather was just about perfect, any way you look at it. Sunny, warm days were the rule this year, not the exception, and I think it's safe to say that everyone enjoyed getting outside and taking advantage of the weather. On the flip side, however, tourism was down throughout the region, so there were fewer guests to share in the beautiful weather. My guess is that a combination of a recession and two summers in a row when it was colder and damper than usual in the region contributed to some folks staying away this year. Let's hope that rumors of this year's nice summer will trickle out and we can look forward to a better season in 2011.

As the snow begins to fly, and memories of the summer recede, we are involved in a substantial re-modeling project here at Harborfields, which you will all be able to behold in person next summer. We are almost completely rebuilding the Deck cottage, to a design by owner Rick Thorpe and son-in-law Tim Allen, and it's going to be a wonderful addition to the place. The new design does away with the lower bedroom and adds an upper floor to the cottage which will feature a spacious bedroom and full bathroom, with lots of windows. Currently, we have the upper floor built, the roof (which was re-designed for the whole cottage) on and the walls closed in, so we are well on our way to meeting our completion deadline of May 1st, 2011. The new roof incorporates insulated panels, which together with a more centrally-located woodstove and a new direct-vent wall furnace, should make the Deck cottage quite comfortable in the spring and fall seasons.

Some of you may have noticed that we did not raise the rates in the 2010 season, over the previous year. While this is not standard operating procedure for businesses like ours, we wanted to do what we could to help keep a vacation at Harborfields affordable for as many of our guests as possible, and we know from comments we received over the summer that many folks appreciated it. We will be raising rates by a small amount for next year, however, in the neighborhood of 4-5%, so please make sure to take a look at the new rates when making your reservations for next summer, which...

...brings me to my final point, and that is, we will be taking reservations starting January 2nd, 2011 for all returning guests, and will take general reservations beginning on February 1st. Please mark your calendars and send Barbara an e-mail so we can get you on the schedule as soon as possible, as a big part of our winter and spring is being able to look forward to seeing you all again!

In closing, I want to wish a very hearty season's greetings to all of you from Barbara, Sophia, Celeste and me. May your wishes all come true and may 2011 bring joy and happiness to you and yours. Merry Christmas!

Rick Prose
December 2010

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