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Ruling out any other options....
...We’ve had the professionals in to rule out any other options....

April 18, 2013

Summer is fast approaching, and we are looking forward to it! But things are still a bit “touch and go” for us here this spring. Our big infrastructure project that we hinted at last fall? After some back and forth with the designer, we’ve finally got our plans nailed down. The plans have been approved by the local inspector and the State. The contractor is lined up. We’ve had the professionals in to rule out any other options, and we finally have permission from the Boothbay Region Land Trust to proceed, as well. So the pump station has been ordered, and now we’re just waiting for the Department of Transportation to lift the seasonal weight limit postings from the roads. Our first guests are scheduled to arrive May 15, and we are hoping with fingers crossed that everything will be flowing smoothly by then! FINGERS CROSSED!!!! (We do have some contingency plans that will get us through until June if need be, but this project REALLY needs to be done by then!!) It is a BIG project that cuts across almost the entire Harborfields property, but when it is all done we really hope you won’t even notice it is there...

(What is “it?” A new waste water disposal system.... Like we said, we really hope you won’t even notice it!)

If you haven’t yet finalized your summer vacation plans, don’t worry (too much), we do currently have two or three cottages still available through the summer (different cottages, different weeks). But they are starting to fill up, that’s for sure. Overall, our bookings are a bit ahead of last year at this time! The 1780 Farmhouse is leading the way this year -- it is continuously booked from mid-June right through the first week of September! Deck Cottage is following close behind, with just one peak summer week open as of this writing, July 20-27.

Of course, you can check our availability yourself right on our website (you can even make your own reservation online!). Sometimes people call to ask if the availability calendars on our website are up-to-date. Our reply? “Yes! That’s where WE look to see what is available!”

September and October are still pretty open. (No, it is NOT too early to plan an autumn weekend get-away or fall foliage trip!)

In other news, we are always trying to improve our service here at Harborfields, so we are pleased to announce that this year, to complement our webcam (which IS back up and running again), we have added a weather station on the dock reporting current conditions live on the internet -- check it out at

We hope to see you at Harborfields this year!


Tim, Wendy and Bennett

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