Historic Harborfields Postcards and Brochures

The Harborfields property has been in the Thorpe family since 1832. The Farmhouse was the existing building, one of the oldest houses on the peninsula, probably built around 1780 or so. A new house was built in 1870, which was added on to in 1970. The hospitality business was begun by Wendy's grandparents in 1948 with the opening of the Lodge (operated as a B&B) and the Shore Cottage, with the other cottages built in following years.

Over the past 65+ years we have had a series of different postcards and brochures, artifacts of our long history of hosting families for their Maine vacations. Enjoy!

early 1950's

Harborfields Postcard from 1949 or 1950
This Harborfields postcard is from 1952 - it shows the Terrace Cottage, built in 1952, but pre-dates the construction of the Wharf Cottage in 1953! You can see the 1780 Farmhouse in the upper left, the 1870 main house in the center, the Lodge, and Hillside, Terrace, and Shore cottages on the right side. Even back then, the Harborfields dock was still a focal point for boating activity!

The back of the postcard says "Harborfields, West Boothbay Harbor, Maine
A friendly vacation spot with a half mile of salt water shore line on beautiful Boothbay Harbor. Modern, electrically equipped, tastefully furnished housekeeping cottages and lodge. Boating, fishing, swimming. Tennis and golf nearby. A quiet secluded location, convenient to restaurants, shops, churches, theaters and boat landings."
Back of Harborfields Postcard from about 1950


A Harborfields Brochure from the mid 1950's -- it pre-dates the construction of the Pine Cottage, which was the last one built, in 1957. Back then, individual rooms were rented out in the Lodge, and the Old House (the 1780 Farmhouse) was rented for the season or by the month. Click on the images to see larger versions:
Cover of early 1950's Harborfields BrochureInside Spread of early 1950's Harborfields Brochure

Timeless Harborfields Postcard
This timeless Harborfields postcard could be from almost any time, except that there is a giant tree in the middle of the front yard, to the right of the dock, right on the shore, that is not there anymore in the next postcard... The text on the back of the card is the same as the earlier postcards shown above.


At some point, Harborfields was recognized by the AAA, as evidenced in this brochure, which we think dates from the late 1950's or earliest 1960's. Individual rooms were still being rented out in the Lodge, but in addition, a suite had been set up on the second floor, complete with it's own kitchenette. Click on the images to see larger versions:
Cover of late 1950's Harborfields BrochureInside spread of late 1950's Harborfields Brochure

The view from Harborfields today is much the same as it was in the 1950's and 60's! The big tree on the shore seen in previous postcards is gone. (click the postcard to see the back)
Postcard of the View from Harborfields, circa 1955


In the mid-1960's, Harborfields went with a two-color tri-fold brochure illustrated with photographs! Not sure why some of the information is X-ed out in this copy, except that around 1970 the Thorpes moved to Boothbay Harbor year-round instead of spending winters in Lincoln, Massachusetts. Note that the US Post Office did not implement the 5-digit zip code until 1963 (so this brochure post-dates that), but telephone number area codes were not fully implemented across the country until 1966 (so this brochure pre-dates that)! Click on the images to see larger versions:
Harborfields Brochure from the 1960's, outside spread
Harborfields Brochure from the 1960's, inside spread


A single-sided Harborfields Brochure from about 1984. Peggy Thorpe had passed away and her daughter Nancy (Wendy's aunt) was taking reservations, with Ann Wight set to take over management in June of 1985. Note that the description of the Hillside House mentions a large new master bedroom addition. Also, the Hillside was previously known as Halfway House, as in half-way up the hill... but that name had come to mean something else, so the name had to be changed! The upstairs kitchenette was still in place in the Lodge at this time. Click on the brochure image to see a larger version:
Harborfields brochure from circa 1984

late 1980's

Greg and Vicky Tabbutt took over as managers in the late 1980's, as evidenced in this brochure. Postcards were cut down and glued to the brochure to provide a photograph to illustrate the brochure (the same was probably done with the 1984 brochure above). Click on the brochure image to see a larger version:
Harborfields brochure from circa 1989


In 2012, we came out with a two-sided four-color photo-illustrated tri-fold brochure....
Harborfields current brochure, page 1, 2012-2014Harborfields current brochure, page 2, 2012-2014
download as a PDF

and a new postcard as well!
Harborfields current postcard, 2012-2015
download as a PDF

New Brochure for 2015

For 2015 we have come up with a new two-sided four-color photo-illustrated tri-fold brochure (having run out of stock of the 2012 version):
Harborfields current brochure, page 1, 2015Harborfields current brochure, page 2, 2015
download as a PDF

Come experience this history yourself!

We look forward to welcoming you to Harborfields, as the Thorpe family has been doing since 1948!

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