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The annual Harborfields Herald newsletter has been "Serving the informational needs of Harborfields guests since the 20th century!"

Now distributed by e-mail and posted on our website in the autumn, the Herald reflects upon the vacation season just past and shares news of changes planned for the upcoming year.

The back issues make fine reading!

Fall 2016 Edition
... While it was a great year, this fall has been especially crazy -- and we don’t just mean the upcoming.... read more
Spring 2016 Edition
... Maine used to be part of the state of Massachusetts. It was granted leave by the Massachusetts legislature in 1819, and finally became a state of its own on March 15, 1820 -- but only because of what is known as the “Missouri Compromise.” ... read more
Winter 2016 Edition
... Of Course, since it is winter here in Maine, there’s not really much more that we can do but dream about such things. ... read more
2015 Fall Edition
... in his senior year, Bennett decided at the last minute to try out for the varsity soccer team, not having played soccer since 6th grade! ... read more
2015 Late Spring Update
.... hopefully our last such project for a long time to come! We also have replaced a lot of old .... read more
2015 Mid-Winter Update
Anyway, yesterday I gave a tour of the Harborfields grounds to a prospective wedding couple. Yes, even in February with 3 feet of snow on the ground! ... read more
2014 Fall Annual
The weddings, along with our many returning guests, have pushed our occupancy numbers to record highs (at least in recent memory)... read more
2014 Spring Update
But we still have work to do to get some of the other cottages opened -- turning on the water after a long hard winter is always full of surprises... read more
2014 Winter Update
...we WILL be ready (that’s the power of positive thinking, right there).... read more
2013 Fall Annual
Now here’s a trivia question for you: how many kitchen sinks are there at Harborfields? .... read more
2013 Summer Update
While we had equipment on site for the “Big Infrastructure Project,” we had the contractors expand the south lawn of the 1780 Farmhouse. Why, you ask?... read more
2013 Spring Update
It is a BIG project that cuts across almost the entire Harborfields property, but when it is all done we really hope you won’t even notice it is there... read more
2013 Winter Update is one of those “duh!, isn’t that obvious?” more
2012 Fall Annual
As we reflect on the year past, and think of the years still to come, we can sum things up with two words: Stewardship and Sustainability. read more
2012 Spring Update don’t let any thoughts about early season chilliness keep you away! Chances are it will be a gorgeous sunny weekend, and you wouldn’t want to miss that, would you? read more
2012 New Years Update
We have an exciting new feature on our web site that we think many of you will like, and we thought we would announce the feature by running a little contest... read more
2011 Fall Annual
So, now, you might be wondering, what big changes are these new managers Wendy and Tim going to make for 2012? Well, hopefully nothing too, too radical, but we do have some changes we need to make... read more
As the snow begins to fly, and memories of the summer recede, we are involved in a substantial re-modeling project here at Harborfields read more
As often happens, some of our long-time guests decide that they love the Boothbay Region so much that they've just got to own a piece of it, and they buy their own places in town read more
... we're working to get the place into the 21st century, at least as far as internet service is concerned, so thanks for bearing with us read more
Every year brings us closer to realizing our goal of providing our guests with the best vacation experience we can offer, with a minimum of ants, leaks, clogs, drips and power outages read more
It truly was a rather uneventful summer. We did have a 26-foot boat that sank at the dock, but that mess was cleaned up within hours and the boat was running again by the following day read more
Our guests continue to impress us with their intelligence, wit and taste in coastal Maine resorts, and we continue to try and improve the property in small ways that add to your comfort without changing the essential character of the place read more
... it was another good Summer here at Harborfields, and we want to thank all our guests for spending their vacations with us and brightening up the place read more
Gathering Guests Give Gazebo Good Grade (I could have stretched that one out forever, but the knock of the Alliteration Police on the door brought me up short) read more
We obviously can't think of all the ways in which you might want to make your vacation a more restful experience, so just consider these general guidelines read more

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